Unmatched Software
Industry-leading income planning software creates a more understandable and compelling personal plan for generating monthly retirement income.
  • Base the plan on targeted income or client’s investment balance
  • Dynamic segmentation (2-9 distinct segments)
  • Incorporate Social Security, pensions or other “flooring” sources
  • Integrate annuities with flexible start dates
  • Discrete Reserve Account for parallel liquidity needs
  • Target an ending balance
  • Funding & Tracking reporting
  • Data integration with select platforms
Personalized Analysis
The Women & Income Personalized Analysis

It’s been said that a goal without a plan is just a dream. In retirement, "the plan" takes on outsized importance in order to make your money work as hard as possible. Fortunately, it’s easy to get a plan that provides a structure for creating personal retirement income. The Women & Income Personalized Analysis is the roadmap for enhancing your female clients' financial security in retirement. The Personalized Analysis:

  • Identifies her key objectives
  • Allocates her savings
  • Defines how much risk to take
  • Mitigates risks
  • Illustrates projected result
  • Provides confidence and peace-of-mind
Brilliantly-designed digital sales and marketing tools differentiate you in the most lucrative of all markets.

Personalized advisor website
Public relations services
High-impact, exclusive marketing presentations
Facebook and Google AdWords marketing campaign
Workshop/Seminar module
Cable TV ad
Proprietary client education concepts
The Ideal Strategy for the Women Boomer Market
Hybrid Time-Segmentation® (HTS)

No strategy more effectively combines at-risk investments and safe-money products. It's the key to helping women Boomers create income security in retirement. Transparent, consumer-oriented and confidence-building, HTS provides practical, real-world advantages that help investors remain invested through all market conditions. HTS is the way to mitigate a series of "big risks" that can derail a woman's retirement security.

  • Ideal strategy for the Constrained Woman Investor®
  • Elegant combination of “bucketing" and “flooring”
  • Helps female investors remain fully invested
  • Unmatched context for product selection
  • Creates direct linkage between product recommendations and The 3 Big Risks® framework
  • Seamless integration of at-risk and safe money assets including income annuities
  • Transparent, understandable, built for how a woman best organizes her financial priorities, and confidence-building
  • Prioritizes risk mitigation
  • Outcome-focused for how she sees her future
  • Addresses significant compliance concerns
  • Significant advantages over systematic withdrawal (SWP)
Enabling you to deliver the value proposition online
Women & Income HumanRobo®

The HumanRobo® website creates an unmatched, high-end impression that immediately differentiates you from other advisors.

It utilizes videos to educate the prospect on our proprietary concept TIMING, INFLATION and LONGEVITY - The 3 Big Risks®.

Women & Income DynamicPresenter

With the popularity of online meetings increasing since Covid-19, Women & Income offers a unique presentation technology designed specifically for online presentations to prospects and clients. Once the advisor uses the software to create an income plan, DynamicPresenter processes the key data to create a visually stunning on-screen presentation of the plan highlights. The result is a super impressive client-facing experience that enhances the overall advisor-led online meeting.