New Qualified Prospects

Women & Income includes a turnkey, client acquisition process that ends your prospecting headaches.

You will receive 216, highly-qualified leads per year. Not “names” on a card, we mean actual attendees to your online or in-person educational seminars.

More client meetings. More plans implemented. Faster growth. Greater practice value. Increased wealth and financial security strengthen your own retirement.

Wealth2k’s responsibility:
  • Bring 216 prospects to your online/in-person seminars
  • Support ten events per year
  • Manage one-day or two-day attendance
  • Design/implement/manage your social media campaigns
  • Design customized web pages for each event
  • Process event sign-ups with notifications
  • Process attendee reminders via text
Advisor’s responsibility:
  • Deliver seminar presentation
  • Follow-up and schedule appointments
  • Manage one-day or two-day attendance
  • Meet with clients in a new mindset

Client acquisition process

Helping. Achieving. Retiring.

Conservatively, $31,000,000 in new assets in 12 months